Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legitifi?

Legitifi is a one of a kind Application allowing people to use their phone to qualify everyone they meet. Our unique platform helps ensure safe, honest and accurate social interactions. Legitifi compiles the Social Media profiles of our users to provide the necessary information to make a decision if the user is Legit; thus, putting users in the driver’s seat to validate who they are meeting.

How does Legitifi work?

Legitifi uses a proprietary platform and displays a unique profile for each user and about the user’s identity.

Why would people choose to opt-in to Legitifi?

The meteoric rise of social media and the sharing economy means that we are interacting with people we find online – virtual strangers – on a daily basis. The importance of understanding more about the people we are making connections with – sometimes intimately – cannot be minimized. Who are they really, and can you trust them?

First-party, authorized data is the key to getting the real story about someone, in real-time. Second- or third-party data, such as that given by big data aggregators like Intelius, pull from public records that are often extremely out of date and inaccurate. If you’ve ever Googled yourself, you know this – and there is nothing you can do to update or change the results. When someone opts in to Legitifi, they are giving their permission and making the most accurate information available.

If you are looking to put your trust in someone – be it for a date, childcare, in-home hospice care or a similar situation, should they really be hiding who they are from you? Asking someone to sign up for Legitifi is non-invasive, super simple and takes just a few seconds – no surprises, nothing to hide.

Who helps Legitifi with data?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, Google and The National Sex Offender Registry.

What does Legitifi do with my data?

Legitifi uses your Social Media Data to check and make sure everything is matching across multiple networks, and that you are actually Legit! We then provide the basic profile information you see on your profile such as; name, age, relationship status, job title and company, current city and hometown. You can also not allow us to access to any of this information when you sign up by disallowing permission to the data. You can set your profile to Private in the Settings section so that no one can see your profile other than your Profile Completeness and your Vouches. Anyone can completely erase their Legitifi profile at anytime by going to Settings and selecting Delete Account. Deleting the account will erase all information that we have on file.

What is Profile Completeness?

The Profile Completeness meter is a representation of how complete your Legitifi Profile is at this time. To increase your completeness, you can link more Social Networks or get friends to Vouch for you.

How can I update my Legitifi profile?

Legitifi relies on information you provided to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Tinder. In order for an update to appear on Legitifi you would need to make sure to update your account information on that network.

How can I add more networks and get more badges on my Legitifi profile?

To add more networks choose the “Networks,” button from the drop down menu in the top right of the screen.

I added my social network but my badge is still gray.

If your badge is still gray, check the, “Networks,” button on the drop down menu and see if the switch is green or gray. If the switch is not green, then click the switch and follow the linking process. If the switch is green and your badge is not showing on your profile, please e-mail us at [email protected]

What is a Vouch?

Vouch allows your friends, family and colleagues to endorse you. Vouching for others not only increases your Profile Completeness, but it makes you look more Legit to other users.

How do I Vouch for someone?

Simply search for your friend and tap the Vouch button on their profile 

How can I get others to Vouch for me?

You can easily invite friends and family to vouch for you from the homepage or contacts screen. You can invite people via text, e-mail or Facebook. In order to Vouch for someone, you must be a registered Legitifi user.

How can I see who has Vouched for me?

You can see all of your Vouches on your profile by tapping the Vouch icon
You can also see everyone that has Vouched for you via the Contact Section of the app.

Who donates to Charity?

Once anyone downloads and registers, Legitifi will donate on your behalf. It’s our way of saying thank you and giving back to society.

Why does Legitifi donate to charity?

We strive to inspire a better world not only for our users, but for everyone. We believe that when people opt into a safe and honest experience that deserves some celebration and recognition, so we give to our charitable partners to continue to help society.

How do I invite more people to raise money for charity?

Want to help your favorite charity? Then join the Legitifi movement. Invite everyone in your contacts list via the Invite Friends Section. Take it a step further and use our Facebook Messenger interface to invite all your Facebook Friends! We make it super simple and really easy to reach as many of your contacts as possible. Level up and earn promoter badges on your profile. Higher levels also unlock special features and donation bonuses! Get started today, and become a Super Promoter!

How do I choose my Charity?

Simply click the Charity button on the Search Screen, or choose the Charity tab from the drop down menu. After you reach the Charity Screen simply flip the switch to green on the Charity you want to support and you’re done! Follow your progress inside the Charity Tracker Section and invite your friends and family to help us hit our goal of donating $1 Million to Charity in 2017! For every download we donate to charity on your behalf!

Why does Legitifi check criminal records?

We believe in safety and honesty, and everyone should know if the person they are interacting with has a potentially dangerous record.

How do I report a suspected fake profile?

If you suspect someone has faked a profile please e-mail us at [email protected]

How do I report someone for abusing the app?

Please report all suspected abuse to us at [email protected]

Why does my contact list show joined, but I don’t see the DL credit in Charity Tracker?

If you are seeing someone on your contact list that shows joined, but you did not receive credit for the download please consider the following:

  1. Did you invite the person?
  2. Did they enter your promo code or cell phone number when they create the profile?
  3. If not, they can always go back and enter from the dropdown menu and you will get credit.
  4. Did they already have the app or previously have the app and delete it?
  5. You can only receive credit for the download 1 time per cell phone number.

How do I get a Charity added to the Legitifi app for donations?

Right now, we are donating to the causes found inside the app, but if you want to submit a cause, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

What kind of criminal records does Legitifi report?

Legitifi shares publicly available criminal records reported by local and federal government.

Where does Legitifi get the criminal data from?

All criminal data comes directly from a government feed.

How can I look up a Sex Offender on Legitifi?

To look up a Sex Offender, you have to search by name and state in the search bar. For example, type in the following search, “John Doe CA” to see all the Sex Offenders in California with the alias John Doe.

How can I delete my Legitifi profile?

Want to delete your Legitifi profile? Simply go to the, “Settings,” tab in the drop down menu and click, “Delete Profile.”

I updated my data on one of my social networks, but I don’t see the update on Legitifi yet?

Legitifi updates your profile data every time you logout and log back in. Not seeing an update? Try logging in again or waiting an hour. Still not seeing the correct info, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Why can’t I find someone on Legitifi when I search for them?

If you are not seeing someone, try searching by another criteria like; phone number, e-mail or name. Still not finding them? Ask them to join! It’s a great way to raise money for Charity and prove that you are safe and honest!

Why can’t I create a Legitifi profile?

You must have a Facebook account to create a profile on Legitifi.

How do I turn off notifications?

You can turn off notifications under the, “Settings,” tab of the drop down menu.

How can I change or delete a photo?

You can change photos by clicking on the pencil icon on your Profile Screen. We accept photos from your camera, Facebook and Instagram!

Why do I have to show my information?

Your Legitifi profile allows you to prove your identity to others. In an age of digital anonymity and misinformation there becomes the need to validate yourself on and offline.

How can I add new relationship status, occupation or education info to my profile?

Legitifi data is populated by your Social Networks. Once you update information on your Network Legitifi will capture your changes.

Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

Facebook is the minimum requirement to sign up on Legitifi.

Are there any rules?

Be Nice! Be Safe! Be Honest!

What happens if I or someone I know is incorrectly marked as a sex offender or dangerous?

Please contact us at [email protected]