Privacy Policy

Draft of September 21, 2017

This is the Privacy Policy for Legitifi, the social verification mobile app (the “Service”), provided by Taken Mate, LLC (the “Company” or “we” or “us”) for its registered users. It describes the Company’s policies on the types of information we collect about you, what we do with the information, how we protect that information and the rights you can assert regarding disclosure and use of such information.


Personal Information.

Certain types of information we collect about you is categorized as “personal identifiable information,” that is, it can be used, either alone or in conjunction with other information, to identify, contact or locate you. In this Privacy Policy we refer to this type of information as “personal information.”

Personal Information from Social Media Networks. We will require that each user have a Facebook account. You will register with the Service through Facebook. The personal information in your Facebook account will be used to fill in your profile in your account. You have the option to add your social media accounts on Linked-In, Instagram, Google, Twitter and Tinder as additional badges to your profile on the Service. If you decide to add these other social media accounts, you will be giving permission for such accounts to give us additional personal information about you to which they have access. Whether such information is available to us will depend on the privacy policies of the other accounts.

The personal information about you from Facebook and these other social media accounts is used to create and amplify your profile on the Service. This information will include your name, city and state of residence, email address, telephone number, relationship status, work history and current status, interests and any identifying photo you have added to your [Facebook] account.

Vouches. You also have the option to have other users of the Service vouch for you to verify the information you have supplied. We will add to your profile the number of vouches you have and information about those vouching for you.

Friends and Contacts. With your consent, we will access, upload and store in our servers information about your contacts (“Contacts”) contained in the address book in your smartphone device used to install the Service. This information will include, but not be limited to, names, phone numbers and email addresses (“Contacts Information”). You can decide not to grant us access to the Contacts Information when you join the Service as a registered user or you can subsequently at any time discontinue our access by following the instructions to opt out on the Service’s “Settings”. If you decide to grant us access, you confirm that this Contacts Information, to the best of your knowledge, is correct and that you have the right to grant us the rights to access, upload, store and use such Information. You also confirm that none of your Contacts are under the age of 13 and that the Contacts Information does not include any financial information (such as credit card and bank account numbers), any passwords, Social Security numbers or any information that may be private and subject to restrictions on public disclosure.

You will also have the option to download to the Service your friends and contact lists from your social media accounts and to invite them as well as any of the Contacts from your smartphone device to join the Service by simply taping their names. If you give us permission to collect this information, it will be added to your profile on the Service.

Information from Requests and Submissions. We may also collect personal information about you when you respond to surveys and other requests for information from us or ask us for information, such as information on other users, or send us information about other users, or when other users supply us with personal information about you.

Publicly Available Information About Criminal Background. As part of our Service for our users, we also search publicly available information on sites and apps about sexual offenders and supply the results of such search in response to an information request from a registered user.

Promoter Status and Related Information. You may apply with us to become a promoter of the Service. Once accepted by us, you will be given a promoter code and will have the right to designate a charity, from a list approved by us, to receive from us a donation for each download of the Service initiated by your friends and contacts who become registered users as part of the campaign for that charity. We will collect this information about your promoter status, your code and designated charity and track the downloads for this charity and, if applicable, the results of any competitive campaign related to a particular charity drive.

Financial Information. We do not at present collect any information about your credit cards, bank accounts or Social Security Number since we do not charge at this time for using the Service nor offer any other products or services for purchase. If we intend to do so in the future, we will notify you of the changes in this Privacy Policy regarding such information. You will have to consent to giving us any such information.

Non-Personal Information About You or Your Internet Use or Presence.

We may also collect non-personal information about you that does not specifically identify you personally but provides statistically usable data about your demographics or your uses of the Service. This non-personal information might include information taken from your profile on the Service such as your gender, age, location and uses of the Service and other sites or applications or your response to ads or surveys.

Cookies. Cookies are small applications created by sites or advertisers that are embedded by your browser in your hard drive. Cookies permit third parties to target your account with information (including ads and direct marketing) that could be of interest to you based on your profile and user attributes.

The Service at present does not use cookies.

Device Related Information. We will collect information about your device, your browser, your operating system, your IP address and email address.


We do not knowingly collect information about children under the age of 13. By using our Service, you are representing to us that you are age 13 or older. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to become Service users.


Your Profile

The Company will use the personal information we receive about you to create your profile and assess its relative completeness depending on various factors.

We will present the relative degree of completeness of your profile in one or more graphic displays which we may change at our discretion from time to time to improve their visual effectiveness. .

When another registered user of the Service searches for you on the Service, he or she will be presented with your profile page, displaying your personal information that you have made available to the Service through your social media accounts.
If you are not a registered user of the Service, this fact will be disclosed to the user initiating the enquiry about you and you may be given the opportunity to become a registered user.

Using Contacts Information

From your Contacts Information uploaded by the Service, we will notify you about those Contacts that are registered users of the Service.

We will also use the Contacts Information to respond to users who are trying to match a name with a phone number that the user already has. If the user is searching for a phone number to match a name, we will only disclose the Contact’s city and State based on the relevant Contact Information we have.

Using Information to Contact You About the Service and for Our Own Operations and Business Analysis

We will use your information to contact you through the Service or by email to provide you with updates and other information about the Service.

We will also use your information to respond more effectively to your requests about the Service and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the Service.

Complying with Law.

We will disclose information about users or visitors as may be necessary to comply with demands from law enforcement or judicial authorities in connection with investigating and preventing suspected fraud and other criminal activities, protecting the safety of the Service users and others and to enforcing our legal rights and remedies.

Links to Other Sites.

The Service will have links to your Facebook account and may have links to other social media sites selected by you (such as Linked-in, Instagram, Google, Twitter and Tinder) to complete your profile information. These sites have their own privacy policies regarding collecting and using information about visitors to their sites. The Company is not responsible for the policies and practices of such other sites and encourages you to read their privacy policies.


The Company uses Malware scanning software to protect disclosure to unauthorized third parties of your information. The Service is scanned regularly for potential breaches and vulnerabilities. Information we collect about you is accessible only by a small number of persons who have special access rights under agreements that keep the information confidential. While we believe the security measures to protect your information comply with the industry standards, we can give no assurances that third parties intent on illegally breaching our security measures would not be able to do so.


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time as the Company’s business expands and diversifies. Users of the Service will be immediately notified on any changes by email. Any changes will be made prospectively once the new policy is adopted.


By using the Service, you consent to our collection, storage and use of personal and other information you choose to provide to us.


The Company at present does not share your personal information with third parties for direct marketing. If the Company changes this policy, it will notify you in advance to give you the opportunity to direct us not to share this information.. If you have decided to authorize third parties through the Service to share such information for direct marketing, you will have to contact them directly to discontinue their using your personal information for such purposes.

Please note that this will not effect our sharing your information, including personal information, with users of the Service and for the other purposes described above.


You have the right to discontinue your account at any time by contacting us by email. If you do so, your personal information with no longer be collected or shared with users [or advertisers?] Note question. However, any third party to whom your personal information was sent before you discontinued your account (such as other registered users) will continue to have such information.

We will continue to retain the basic information about you for management and business analytics purposes and to comply with applicable laws.


Under California law, if you are a California resident you have the right to obtain from us, once a year, information about your personal information that we have disclosed to third parties for direct marketing in the prior year, including the information disclosed and the identification of the third parties to whom it was disclosed. You can send us your request to obtain this information by contacting [email protected] As noted above, the Company does not share your personal information with third parties for direct marketing.

California law also has special disclosure requirements if a website or app tracks, or permits third party websites and apps to track and collect, personal information about the user’s online activities over time and across other websites and apps and how such sites and apps respond to “do not track” signals from a user’s browser. At this time, we do not track our users’ personal information over time and across third-party websites and apps nor do we permit third party sites or apps to collect this information.


You can contact us via email at [email protected]. You can also contact us by regular mail at 5655 Silver Creek Valley Road #200 San Jose, CA 95138.