Legitifi Gives Back

Legitifi believes in giving back starting Day 1 and FOREVER!

At Legitifi, we believe that everyone deserves to know that the people they meet are safe and honest, or at least who they claim to be! It’s a crazy world out there, and we want to have your back!

That said, we want to inspire a safe and honest movement! So, for every Legitifi profile created we are going to donate 10 cents to one of our six default charities for human services, animal causes, environmental issues, religion or education. Why are we doing this? We believe in doing the right thing, and we believe in giving back. It’s that simple.

We want to have a positive net effect on society as a whole, and we want our users to have the ability to help with this movement. So if you want to help, download Legitifi now, and become a Promoter! It’s super easy to invite people to join our movement and raise money for your favorite charitable organization or foundation.

This isn’t a one day, one week, one month or even one year effort. Legitifi will ALWAYS donate to charity for every new profile ever created! Help us reach our goal to donate $1,000,000 to charity this year! Become a Promoter today and help us #TakeOver

Welcome to the movement!

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